How Giacom supports Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace

Back How Giacom supports Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace

As part of the DWS Group, Giacom is a business brought together with people, values, and culture at its core – as reflected in our brand philosophy; ‘We make life better, together’.

To make sure we have an inclusive and diverse workplace, we have a dedicated People Team. They’ve been the driving force behind a whole host of brilliant initiatives and uphold our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion strategy, which is centered around the Equality Act 2010.

As an inclusive employer, it’s no surprise that we turned our attention to the issue of women being underrepresented in the tech industry. People automatically assume that men are better suited to tech roles than women, and we’re working to challenge this perception. We recognise the importance of raising women’s profile, and here’s how we’ve been doing it:

  • Nominating our female colleagues for various industry awards to celebrate their hard work and expertise
  • Offering tech work placements to female pupils from local schools
  • Attending Women in Manufacturing & Engineering (WiME) events to help inspire girls and women
  • Our female managers hold talks at local schools and job fairs about their experience working in the tech industry

As well as this, there are two strategies we have enforced to champion equality and diversity so our staff feel recognised and supported.

  1. Bring Your Whole Self To Work: Created by our People Team, this strategy is implemented from the early stages of our recruitment process. This strategy is inclusive of everyone, and we want people to feel confident and able to be their authentic selves at work, within a safe environment and away from any discrimination or bias. We celebrate everyone for their individuality, which makes us unique as an employer.
  2. You Do You: This is one of our strategic HR pillars – which works on the belief that everyone should have equal access to employment, training, and development solely on merit. Everyone also has the right to be free from direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, and bullying. We promote this through all areas within our People operations.

And to make sure we’re doing the best we can, every 6 months we run our ‘Your Say’ survey to give our team the chance to provide their feedback. From the results, we’re able to assess which ED&I initiatives are working, which could be improved, and get new ideas. We use staff feedback to evolve and better our strategy, for example our ‘Teams to Support You’ initiative which gives staff access to mental health and wellbeing support teams.

Looking to the future, we’ll continue to look for ways to promote diversity not just within our company, but also through our local communities and the tech industry.