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We will also be hosting a selection of workshops, please keep an eye out for more details!

Day 1 Morning

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Mindfulness with Hannah Loveday

Start your day in the right frame of mind with a guided mindfulness session by Hannah Loveday. This session will cover how to train the mind and create a working life that is more fulfilling and manageable as well as a more enriching personal life.

Case Study: The Journey to create a network for women

With the sparsity of women in executive leadership roles within the tech industry connection with other leading women in tech can oftentimes be difficult. How can we create that connection and bridge the gap to bring these empowered women together? Join us as we look at:

• Creating a nurturing environment for women to thrive

• How can we start open conversations around pay, work culture and other topics that affect women?

• How to find opportunities to network and connect with other Women in Tech to inspire and educate each other

Cancer Central
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Morning Refreshments
Age in Digital inclusion: How 35 is the new 20 in the Tech space

The tech industry has a predisposition to focus on recruiting younger candidates for technical positions and seeing the almost a third of IT and tech employees experiencing ageism. With age discrimination starting earlier in tech than most other industries, how can companies be sure they are being inclusive in recruiting and culture. We will explore in this session:

• Switching focus from the ‘future-generation’ to the ‘experienced-generation’ as an asset to innovation

• How can companies utilize the experience and soft skills gained through life experience?

• Working against ‘banter culture’ to create a better working environment for older tech workers

Product Manager- Patient Pathway
Healthcare Communications
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Day 1 Streams AM

AM Stream 1

Panel Discussion|Climbing to the top: How to break into leadership roles in tech

With women only holding 24% of the C-suite roles in tech, there is an extreme need for diversity in the upper level of executives. In this session we will look at:

• How do we get more women into C-Level tech positions?

• How to battle imposter syndrome to succeed in the climb to the top

• The importance of amplifying your message and accomplishments to get the recognition you deserve

General Manager, UK & I
Altera Bio
Co-Founder, CIO
IMMO Investment Technologies

AM Stream 2

Panel Discussion|The Future of Tech and who is leading the charge

• What can we expect in the coming future with the expansion of Metaverse and Crypto currency?

• Understanding that innovation needs diversity as different perspectives and thought processes can advance research and discovery of new technologies

• Who can we expect to see leading the future of innovation?

Experience Director
Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Day 1 Midday

Harp Yoga Session

Join us for a low-intensity yoga session ran alongside a live, organic harpist for a truly unique, relaxing experience. Please pre-register for this session at least 24 hours prior to the event.

Lunch and Networking Break
Roundtable Discussions- Choose 2 sessions to attend for our take on ‘speed dating’. Each session will last 20 minutes, giving the opportunity to discuss the topic among your peers. When the timer ends, you will join your new group for a new topic.

a. Raised in tech- Inspiring the new generation of girls into STEM roles

     Bronwyn Boyle, CISO, Mambu

b. Creating communities to promote diversity & inclusion in the workplace

     Flavilla Fongang, CEO & Founder, 3 Colours Rule

c. Leading the way to creating an inclusive workspace- how leadership matters

Workshop: Smoothing the Transfer into Tech

In the midst of The Great Resignation, many are finding themselves transferring into Tech roles from non-technical backgrounds. With the buzz surrounding the tech industry at the moment, how can we use this to further encourage diversity in tech?

• How skills gained from other careers can benefit in the switch to a tech role

• How to encourage a move into tech from non-tech roles and how these skills are essential in upper management

• Creating allyship for all to promote a move into non-technical roles in the industry

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Afternoon Refreshments
Beyond the hire: How to empower the next generation of diverse tech leaders

By 2025, there will be 1 woman for every 115 tech jobs in software, data and cybersecurity. We are beyond the crisis point for hiring women into tech roles in the UK. However, it is key to consider that retaining female talent within organisations is of equal importance if we are to close the tech gender gap. Anna Brailsford, CEO of Code First Girls, highlights key actions that CIOs, CTOs and senior tech leaders can take to nurture female talent within their teams. She will share data and insights from Code First Girls' community of over 60,000 women coders, instructors and mentors, shedding light on achievable ways that global teams can go beyond the hire and empower the next generation of diverse tech leaders.

Code First Girls
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Close of Day 1