Sophie Creese, Motherboard & HeyFlow
Sophie Creese
Motherboard & HeyFlow

Sophie Creese is the Co-Founder of mission-led organisations MotherBoard & HeyFlow. A women in the workplace expert, helping organisations close their gender pay gap and create gender parity at all seniority levels.

HeyFlow helps organisations understand their female workforce better through insight-driven organisation outcomes and ground-breaking learning centered around reproductive health and the implications on the retention of women in the workplace. Beyond HeyFlow, Sophie also founded MotherBoard, a not-for-profit Business Charter & Community that is driving tangible change for women working in the tech industry by tackling the 50% of women who leave the tech industry by age 35; predominantly due to motherhood.

In 2023, Sophie won the Lead 5050 Award for ‘Contribution to Gender Diversity’ and is widely known as a thought leader in gender equality. She has been featured in news publications such as The i, Computer Weekly, Computing and City AM. Beyond business and community, Sophie is supporting change at a government level and is pleased to be part of the City of London Taskforce to support women pivoting into digital & tech roles to boost women’s opportunities in the secto