Women in Tech at Redstor: How We’re Empowering Women in and Outside of Our Organization

Back Women in Tech at Redstor: How We’re Empowering Women in and Outside of Our Organization

Autor: Laura Slade, with input from Linda Misauer (Head of Redstor’s Women’s Impact Network)

Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are at an all-time high across numerous industries and fields. One of the most talked about industries is tech, which has often been male-lead from the Csuite down to individual contributors.

At Redstor, we’ve been hard at work to flip the narrative, striving to make our organization a place where women are well-represented, supported, and encouraged to continue their professional growth. Just this year, our very own Zoe Boreham, Chief People Officer, was named as a finalist in the Women of the Year – Tech category at the Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2023.

There’s more to our efforts than winning awards, however. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the initiatives Redstor is taking to continue building a more diverse, robust, and dynamic organization.

Our WINTribe

One of our core building blocks for elevating women and their allies within our tech-heavy industry is Redstor’s very own WINTribe. Serving as our Women's Impact Network, this internal group was created by women to drive inclusivity and diversity and includes male allies. Our aim is to continue that mission in the communities around us, at Redstor, and in the backup and data recovery industry.

What Does WINTribe DO?

Dedicated to the acknowledgement and nurturing of a diverse talent pool, WINTribe’s ethos revolves around a series of pivotal strategies that actively champion and bolster our exceptional staff. Central to our mission is the cultivation of an all-embracing workspace that values an array of perspectives and contributions. Through meticulously crafted mentorship initiatives, upskilling in different knowledge areas and dynamic leadership development programs, we empower our personnel across all tiers to forge ahead in their professional trajectories.

By nurturing a culture that venerates distinct viewpoints and contributions, we unfailingly endeavour to construct an environment wherein each individual is poised to flourish and realize their complete potential. Through the steadfast promotion of an environment characterized by parity and respect, we persistently cultivate a vibrant community in which the talents of women are celebrated, thereby substantially enriching our collective accomplishments.

Our 3 main impact areas are:

• Creating awareness and community support

• Inspiring and supporting Redstor’s women and allies

• Promoting external visibility and networking

In just this year, we’ve reached new heights, both externally and internally.

Externally, this can be seen in:

• Award-winning recognition, such as:

o The CRN Woman and Diversity Awards Evening: Kateryna Naumenko won the Unsung Hero Award

o Women in Tech Excellence Awards, where Redstor had multiple finalists

• Celebrating International Day of the Girl and the #ThisLittleGirlIsMe campaign on our social media platforms

• Contributing to charitable donations at each of our locations, like:

o Berkshire Women’s Aid in the UK, where we sourced and donated a total of £110 worth of care products

o I Support the Girls in Tampa, Fl, where we donated a large assortment of care products

o Jason’s Angels for the JHB South Africa office, where we offered crucial items and support for those facing gender-based violence

o Solomon Qatyana Primary School for the Somerset West office in the Western Cape, where we delivered CARE packs to 120 girls Internally,

we worked to raise awareness and empower our employees by:

• Hosting a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion discussion

• Establishing a mentorship program

• Sending 2 women to the Women Within weekend

Why It All Matters

Evidence shows that when more women are empowered to lead, the entire organization benefits. Studies reveal that women leaders help increase productivity, enhance collaboration, inspire organizational dedication, and improve fairness—all things Redstor strives for.

Between our WINTribe and other inclusivity efforts, we believe that we can enhance not only our own internal culture, but that of the communities around us. As our organization continues to grow and women continue to take leading roles in the tech world, we intend to be an active participant in these positive roads ahead to a more equal workforce.