Leading cloud-only distributor, intY, a ScanSource company, interviewed five of their female employees around their experiences with diversity and inclusion.

Back Leading cloud-only distributor, intY, a ScanSource company, interviewed five of their female employees around their experiences with diversity and inclusion.

UK-leading cloud distributor intY, a ScanSource company, asked a group of its female employees about their experiences with diversity, inclusion and being a woman in a male-dominant industry. 

Firstly, we asked Katherine, our Product Marketing Manager, who now leads a team of 3 Product Marketing Execs, “What do diversity and inclusivity mean to you?”

“Asides from the obvious equal opportunity, pay and respect – it also means feeling heard. That your opinions count. That your colleagues hold you in the same regard, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or disability. 

Diversity and inclusivity bring different perspectives, ideas, and experiences to the table, leading to far better innovation and problem-solving.”     

Anita, our Digital Marketing Manager and a finalist for this year's CRN WIC Marketing Employee of the Year award, answered, “How can we ensure that this industry is accessible to all?”

“There are many things we can continue doing, though I'd have to say my top choices are:  

Take pride in differentiation – more diversity in senior positions so that others have leaders they can relate to and aspire to be like.    Celebrate religious and cultural events – taking the time to learn and respect their significance and have fun celebrating these.

Ask for anonymised CVs (no name, age, or gender) to help reduce unconscious bias.”

Our Director of People and Culture and member of intY’s SLT, Shuen, who has been with ScanSource / intY for ten years, tackled the question, “How does intY empower women in the workplace”.  

“intY makes opportunities available to all and gives us the confidence to grab them by fostering a positive, engaging culture. How? We give our employees autonomy to define their roles, flexibility about how, when and where they conduct work, and encourage employees to build their leadership skills through training opportunities”.

Kristina, a Vendor Business Manager who has progressed over five years from a sales role to owning the vendor relationship and GTM strategy for Microsoft at intY, answered, ” What would you say to others considering a career in technology?”.  

“DO IT!! It's an exciting industry to participate in - no month is the same. It's great to see how the tech we sell enables other businesses and the opportunities it creates. 

As cliché as it sounds, the possibilities are endless, whether because of the tech itself or the roles within this industry – there's something for everyone. I also enjoy being part of an industry that has recognised its bias and is actively working to improve its diversity and inclusivity.

" Finally, Amy, our Agency Lead & Account Director, who has grown within the sales team over ten years and now leads the agency business, was asked. “Why is it important to drive a culture of innovation at intY”.    

“Innovation is critical to intY's success. Innovation should come from anyone in the business regardless of their position. To drive this, you need leaders that encourage diversity and inclusivity, an open forum with no negative consequences and someone who wants to listen and hear ideas from everyone in the organisation without bias. 

This leaves employees feeling satisfied, heard, and valued, meaning happier workers resulting in better productivity, culture, and improved business outcomes.” 

All our respondents added, “As women in tech, we have faced our fair share of challenges and biases. But we have also found support and encouragement from our colleagues and mentors. One of the things we appreciate about intY is the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

We hope our experiences and perspectives can contribute to creating a more inclusive and innovative tech industry“.