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Q1: How is your organisation working to enhance diverse representation, and what strategies are in place to support this?

I am a prime example of Crayon's strong belief in the potential of diverse perspectives to fuel innovation.

Apprenticeship Schemes: By offering a Data Analyst Apprenticeship, Crayon have given me, with my predominantly non-technical background, an entry point into the tech world. Now, as a junior FinOps Analyst, I've bypassed the lengthy process of going back to university for retraining. Instead, I could earn a salary and gain practical skills on my journey into IT consultancy, bypassing the traditional academic routes.

Training Opportunities: Crayon is deeply committed to the professional development of its employees, providing time at work and resources for this purpose. My attainment of three Microsoft badges (Azure Data, AI, Power Platforms Fundamentals) and a FinOps certification reflects this dedication. These qualifications have enabled me to be more effective at analysing cloud resource usage for our FinOps clients and offer valuable support to senior consultants on projects.

Support for Parents: Crayon understands the unique challenges of balancing work and family life, especially for parents with young children. It offers all employees flexible work arrangements, enabling me to juggle bedtime stories with PowerBI reports. The focus is on getting the job done, whatever your daily schedule is, thanks to the adoption of the Modern Work Place practices and hybrid working arrangements. And, of course, I am still always available for a virtual phone call between 9 and 3, our core working hours. By supporting my family life, Crayon has contributed to the diverse and inclusive workforce we have, making me feel valued and dedicated to give back even more for this unique opportunity.

Q2: What are the primary methods you use to attract more diverse talent to your organisation?

Welcoming Varied Talent: Being a mature apprentice with diverse industry experience, I represent Crayon's dedication to recruiting a broad range of talent. By creating opportunities for individuals from varied backgrounds and skill sets, the company gains a deeper and more comprehensive perspective, leading to enhanced client satisfaction.

Recognising Perseverance & Self-Learning: Crayon acknowledged my tenacity and willingness to learn independently. My career shift from Logistics to IT was not straightforward, and it took me some time to find my direction. After a year of a level 3 apprenticeship in IT, I started a family. Upon my return, the opportunities I had before having a child had lessened, making my career transition more challenging. Still, I persevered, continuing self-study through Microsoft Learn and various online courses during my years raising now two children. My efforts paid off, and I now effectively support customer projects, using both my newly acquired and accumulated skills.

Q3: How is your organisation promoting an inclusive culture?

Multiculturalism: Crayon consistently fosters an environment where inclusion is a core value, and everyone feels welcome. With its Norwegian roots, even working in the UK office feels naturally multicultural. Whether in the office or in meetings, you find yourself collaborating with people from all over the world, transcending geographical boundaries and focusing solely on technology.

DE&I Training: As part of the global DE&I effort, led by our CEO, Melissa Mulholland, we received an unconscious bias awareness training. The training was broad and even included an example of a woman returning from a maternity leave, highlighting potential unconscious biases in this situation. As someone who is going through this myself, this training captured the essence of how eager we are to work post having kids and what a bias might look like. It was eye-opening. I believe that this training has made us more aware of our interactions, allowing us to better support each other, promoting inclusive culture.