Back Pledges for 2021

I have been working in the tech/IT Managed Services industry for the past 11 years and am a mum of a two-year-old. I left home at 18 and have dipped my toes into many different areas over my lifetime.

These range from street dancing on stage to acting in Bollywood movies to working as a Street Charity Fundraiser, taking part in TV shows such as Deal or No Deal, gaining work experience as a Teaching Assistant, training in professional Taekwondo and finishing my degree in Criminology.

One might even think I could very much be a jack of all trades, but to me, it was about keeping myself occupied during some unfortunate events thrown my way/troublesome years and taking part in things that interested me, giving me exposure to the world.

Eventually, I landed a sales job at a top IT company. There I learned the tech industry on the go, making sales calls to businesses and developing my knowledge from various vendors running training sessions.

More recently, I’ve returned from maternity, trained to become a Senior Technical Presales Consultant, and hold a Management and Leadership certification that has provided opportunities such as managing my own team.

My pledges for 2021:

  • Represent women of colour and continue to speak up on surrounding stigmas
  • Lift others up around me, promote self-worth and self-belief
  • Continue to maintain a good work/home/baby/life balance and appreciate my workplace who have supported this transition
  • Invest in myself through continuous development
  • Continue to smile even in the toughest of situations
  • And continue to create/explore/grow my passion for efficient cooking 

While there is race and gender bias, as well as a lack of representation, among the obstacles BAME women face when pursuing a career in IT, we should be encouraging present women leaders in tech to act as role models. I am living proof that women who come from nothing can break away from old traditions/stigmas and go ahead to achieve an education, a meaningful career and be a success on their own accord.

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