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Day 2

Welcome and opening
Mindfulness with HSBC

Start your day in the right frame of mind with a guided mindfulness session by HSBC.

I’m every woman: Fulfilling career ambitions while fulfilling personal ambitions

The pandemic hit women, specifically mothers in a much different way than their male counterparts. With the start of a ‘new normal’ and the return to work, we will explore the need to find a healthy balance to avoid burnout as you advance in all aspects of your life including:

• How to balance wearing several hats from powerhouse to family orientated in a post pandemic world

• Avoiding burnout by establishing a healthy work/life balance

• Finding comfort in the word ‘no’ to establish boundaries between work and home

Head of IT Controls
Raise your voice - harnessing the employee voice to build an inclusive culture

Developing an inclusive culture that creates space for every individual’s voice can feel overwhelming. So, how can you ensure everyone’s voice is heard? How can you move the dial from gathering feedback to creating an open dialogue where colleagues are listened to and feel included? Nicole will be sharing Hargreaves Lansdown’s progress on their journey to building an inclusive culture and sharing examples of when colleague voice has driven change.

HR Business Partner
Hargreaves Landsdown
Refreshment Break

Stream 1

The Journey Back to the Office: Easing the burden of the transition from WFH

With the worst of the pandemic (hopefully) behind us, a return to the office is, or will be, in the near future. For some, this may be a sigh of relief but for others can pose a financial, physical, and emotional hardship. From caring responsibilities to disability, we explore the pros and cons to the shift from fully remote and how to curb the negative effects of the return to office.

  • How will the return to office affect those with dependants?
  • Working with disabilities in an office setting- creating clear conversations with your employer on how to best support you
  • What support can businesses offer to offset the burden of returning to the office?

VP of Transformation
Healthcare Communications
Chief Executive Officer
Partner Growth Director

Stream 2

Panel Discussion| Beyond the Buzz: Creating a brand that champions Diversity and Inclusion

• How do you determine how dedicated an organization is to promoting diversity and inclusion and ensuring an accepting office environment for all?

• How can you, as an employer, create a space to allow all types of employees thrive? Join our panellists to explore how leadership can ensure they are clued in to how their employees can best be supported to ensure inclusion at all levels.

• How leadership can ensure they are clued in to how their employees can best be supported to ensure inclusion at all levels

CEO & Founder
The International Exchange
Group Delivery Services Director
Acacium Group
Engineering Manager
Flo Health Inc.

Day 2 afternoon

Capgemini Pre-Lunch Speech
Managing Consultant
Capgemini Business Transformation Services
Lunch Break – Breath Works
Leading Through a Crisis
Executive Director
Director of Research
No Code, No Problem: Breaking into Non-Tech roles

A large part of the problem surrounding the lack of women in the industry is the appeal of what a role in technology really is. The misconception that a role in technology requires a degree in computing or extensive coding knowledge has long hindered the number of women that set their sights on a STEM career. How can the industry move past this archaic image to promote the inclusivity of Tech Roles? Join us as we explore:

• Dispelling the idea that being successful as a woman in tech requires coding by promoting the adaptation of tech in daily roles

• Highlighting the creative side of tech to encourage women into the industry

• Encouraging the younger generation of girls into hobbies with an STEM focus to encourage the future generation of women in tech

Co-Founder & COO
Refreshment Break
Computacenter Promo Video
Helping each other grow: The importance of mentorship & support

With the World Economic Forum predicting the pandemic creating a further gap in parity the need for strong women in STEM has become even more apparent as we adjust to the new form of normal. There is a growing need to support and mentor prospective talent from diverse backgrounds in their journey into mentorship. In this session we will look at; • What are the best methods of connecting with possible mentors/mentees in the tech industry? • Tips and resources to be an effective mentor • How these programs can help recruitment into IT positions through allowing diverse individuals to realize their potential • How can you support other women in the industry outside of a mentor/mentee relationship?

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CEO
The Life Project
Chairperson's closing remarks and close of day 2