On taking risks and giving yourself credit

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I studied Computer Science and English at University. Upon graduating, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do as a career, but then decided to move countries and took a variety of admin jobs using my English skills to support that. I then got into teaching, but nine years later I decided to switch careers, go back to the Computer Science part of my degree and re-teach myself new programming languages. It was a big move. Some friends and family comments were quite interesting: "This industry is for men", "You weren't good at Maths at school" and so on. But I really wanted to do it, I believed I could do it, so I went through with my plan. It was scary leaving the security of teaching to get an entry-level job programming, and it required a lot of effort to catch up with learning to code with an almost full-time job. But I did it.

I have been in tech for five years now, and not for a single second have I regretted changing careers. I’ve found male and female colleagues welcoming and supportive. I do still face challenges but mainly it's me putting pressure on myself. I have learned not to compare my journey to other people’s, and instead to focus on what I am doing, day by day, and remember to give myself more credit for the little achievements.

Oksana is Site Reliability Engineer at 67 Bricks.